Imagination is Everything

~Nikole Cheyenne. Radical daydreamer. Stay creative~

Anonymous asked: 30 degrees Celsius, hun.


Oh no
No no
So sad


i dont understand how people can just get tattoos without even giving it a second thought i cant even find the commitment to stick a sticker somewhere

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I hate it when netflix pauses and asks me if im still watching like yeah you actually think i got up and started doing something with my life bitch put my show back on

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i think what pisses me off more than anything else is the little spot the windshield wipers miss when it’s raining

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this would be me if my  school burned down 


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but ur so woah and im so oh

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basically my dick is huge and you got fucking owned

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The human body has 7 trillion nerves and some people manage to get on every single fucking one of them

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